A few words from our Founder

Cycling and travel are my passions and sharing these passions has always been a dream of mine. In 2003 I left my corporate job to pursue that dream and founded LifeCycle Adventures.

However, I’m not someone who is happy with the constraints of a traditional group tour. I like having options, flexibility and choices. I love getting advice from locals but I also like having the freedom to discover by myself. These are the tastes and preferences I’ve followed in creating all of our trips.

And, every trip is personally hand-crafted. When we expanded our destinations into Oregon, my family and I moved to Portland to allow me to live and breathe the area while researching the best routes. The following year I shared these discoveries with many guests who I knew from their past trips to California. That’s exactly the life I dreamed of back in 2003.

As LifeCycle Adventures has grown, I’ve been lucky enough to find great people who share my enthusiasm. Everyone who works full-time in the company is also an owner. Just as importantly, we’re all great friends, keen cyclists and frequent visitors in each other’s homes.

Other things that are important to us include: Meeting (and re-meeting) guests, being ethical, honest and fair, guiding where we live, and supporting local bike advocacy.