Lifecycle Adventures Local Cycling Guides

At LifeCycle Adventures, we are passionate about cycle touring and believe there is no better way to experience the sights, sounds and scents of an area than on two wheels. We have been operating cycling tours since 2004 and are delighted that you are considering a cycling trip in your future.

As we explore new regions to offer cycling tours we fully immerse ourselves, always with the help of locals, in what the various areas will have to offer our guests. While our trips are fully planned for you, they also allow for a very high degree of flexibility to explore on your own terms. We’re pleased to have developed a set of cycling guidebooks for each of our regions, and wanted to share them with you.


Oregon Cycling Guide
Provence France Cycling GuideSouthwest Ireland Cycling Guide
Tuscany Italy Cycling GuideHolland Cycling GuidePuglia Italy Cycling Guide
San Juan Islands and Vancouver Island Cycling GuideHawaii Cycling GuideCatalonia Spain Cycling Guide
California Napa Sonoma Cycling GuidePyrenees Cycling Guide