Oregon Bike Tours: Lost Lake Day Loop

Last week, myself and a good friend headed to Hood River to do a fantastic ride we call the Lost Lake Extended Remix.  Now that we have scouted it, it’s a ride we can offer on our Oregon Bike Tours.  The locals refer to it as the “Red Hill Rd. Loop:”

The ride begins and ends in the center of Hood River, and covers nearly 80 miles of low-traffic and traffic-free forest roads.  There is water along the way at the Lost Lake Store as well as in Parkdale and any place on Red Hill Rd makes for a great picnic, with amazing views, as we discovered:

Mt Hood from Vista Ridge
Mt Hood view from Vista Ridge

The descent from Vista Ridge into Parkdale is fast and twisty, and the reward is an orchard-filled view of Mt Hood.

Susan in Parkdale
Susan just outside of Parkdale

If you’re an avid rider and considering one of our excellent Oregon Bike Tours, ask us about the Lost Lake Extended Remix.  We can put together a custom route which includes challenging rides and spectacular scenery from some of Oregon’s most beautiful places.