Cycling Your Way in California’s Napa Valley

There are many ways to visit California’s Napa Valley, and several ways to explore Napa on a bicycle. Self-guided cycling on your own personalized terms is, in my opinion, the very best way to explore one of the premier wine regions in the world.

Napa Valley’s History

The first winery in Napa was established in 1858, and since then the wine industry has grown steadily (with the exception of slowdowns for Prohibition and the Great Depression). There are now over 400 wineries and 43,000 acres of planted vineyards.  While the wineries and vineyards themselves are usually the main attraction, the beautiful Mediterranean weather and natural scenery create a perfect vacation atmosphere.

Self Guided Bike Tours of Napa Valley

At LifeCycle Adventures we offer several tour types in various destinations, but have found our self-guided personalized bike tours to be our customers’ favorite and an unbeatable way to explore Napa. What differentiates a self-guided tour from other more traditional “group” cycling vacations is the degree of freedom and flexibility: you vacation only with who you want, ride the route of your choice, on the dates of your own choosing, and stay at the hotels that appeal to you, while at the same time enjoying a myriad of services including airport and city transfers, luggage transport, local van support, and 24/7 telephone assistance. Most importantly, we’ll pick up any and all wine purchases you make along the way!

Our Approach

In selecting our cycling destinations we strive to ensure that we are able to provide an attractive set of options and choices to our guests. The geography of Napa along with all it has to offer makes it a fantastic fit for the type of experience we strive to provide our guests with: a broad set of lodging options, several daily route recommendation based on cycling appetites and skill levels, local attractions, and a variety of dining options.  We have held ourselves to this same set of criteria across all of our markets, and continue to do so as we expand into new ones. Our Napa and Sonoma tours are the standard by which we measure other potential markets.  We are also currently in the process of finalizing our summer 2015 tours in Italy, which will provide a variation on the Napa theme in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy.

If you have an appreciation for all things personalized in a beautiful setting, a self-guided cycling vacation in Napa is most likely a great place to start.

winding road through vineyard
Typical wine country scenery