Bike Tours for Women

The Australian feminist, Irina Dunn, famously said, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” I think I may have a slightly higher opinion of the usefulness of men but there are certainly times when I want to get away with just my women friends. If the getaway involves bicycles, that’s great. If it also includes spa treatments, wine tasting and great food, all the better.

There are a small number of companies that offer women-only bike tours. For example, Woman Tours out of Rochester, NY have tours that tend to attract an older demographic and are as much about camaraderie as they are about the cycling.

Here at LifeCycle Adventures, we’re also seeing a trend for bike tours for women but of a different style. These are women-only private bike tours and self-guided bike tours. Typically, these trips include being pampered and having fun.

Private Bike Tours for Women

If you have enough girlfriends who cycle, you can create your own private bike tour. Six people or more make this economically feasible. On these tours you typically have two guides: one in a support vehicle and one riding with you. Look for companies that will customize your routes to the sort of riding that you enjoy. We also offer other recreational activities such as group cooking classes, winery tours, hikes, zip-lining and whale watching. These are good to add if not everyone is a mad-keen cyclist.

Self-Guided Bike Tours for Women

We’re also seeing more all women groups on our self-guided bike tours. Common examples are mother and daughter tours or three generations riding together with grandmother, mother and daughters sharing time on two wheels. Notably, we also see groups of women (and groups of men) who ritually take annual trips together and choose a different location each year.

Like the private tours, a good company will customize the riding on a self-guided trip. Unlike private tours, these trips are economically feasible for just two people. Typically, you have a support van on call and your luggage is moved between your accommodations for you. Unlike the private tours, you don’t have a guide riding with you and you are on your own for lunch and dinner. A good self-guided tour is like having a private concierge service: support and advice when you need it, discretely in the background letting you explore on your own when you don’t.

One memorable women’s bike tour that I designed was for two women who loved to shop. Every year, they would choose a shopping vacation to major cities like New York and L.A. In 2009 they decided to change it up and did a completely different kind of tour – cycling! They surprised themselves: had a total blast and haven’t stopped challenging themselves since.

If Irina Dunn happens to read this, I’d be pleased to design a trip for her too – I’ll even throw in a free bicycle and a fish dinner.