Our Bikes


Our hybrid bikes have a relaxed, upright riding position and are great for beginners and intermediate riders. A typical model is the Trek 7.3 FX with Shimano components and high-pressure road tires for better cycling efficiency than your typical hybrid.


Our road bikes are lightweight bikes with a less upright riding position and drop handlebars. These bikes are great for intermediate and experienced riders. A typical model is the Émonda ALR 5 with aluminum frame, carbon forks, and Shimano 105 components.

Premium Road

Our premium road bikes are light and fast racing bikes. A typical bike in this category is the Trek Emonda SL 7: full carbon with Shimano Ultegra components. Experienced riders will appreciate the lightness, stiffness, and mechanics of these high-end bikes.

Hybrid eBike

Our Hybrid eBikes are designed to give you extra assistance when climbing hills. The ride position is similar to our hybrids. A typical model is the Scott E-Sub bikes equipped with a 250W E-drive Bosch motor. If one rider in a couple is stronger than the other, an eBike can be a great choice for the less-strong rider.

Road eBike

Our Road eBikes are designed to give you a significant boost when climbing hills. The ride position and handling are similar to our Premium Road Bikes. We typically rent Pinarello Nytro bikes equipped with a 400W motor. This is a good choice to equalize riders taking on some challenging terrain.

Note that not all bikes are available in all areas. Please ask or look in your itinerary to see what bikes are available for your chosen destination.
If you bring your own saddle and/or pedals, we would be pleased to fit them to our rental bikes. This will help make them fit better and feel more familiar.
Please ask about availability if you are interested in either tandems or children’s bikes.