It’s cold in Oregon. Let’s talk about Hawaii.

Dec 27 - 2015

Beautiful Day on Hawaii Golf Course

Aloha Ku’u momi makamae (hello my precious pearl)

Hawaiian people greet visitors with an abundant generosity and hospitality all over the Island. The Hawaiian language is filled with sweet and loving expressions and you can feel the “aloha” (affection and love) lifting your spirit, touching your heart with every greeting.

Sweetness isn’t the only energy of the Island, however. The mythological goddess called Pele, “She Who Shapes the Land”, is a prominent figure of island lore and considered to be a supremely passionate, volatile, and capricious deity. Pele, the Essence of Fire, dwells within the craters of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano – one of the most active volcanoes in the world – and she was highly active in 2015, sending rivers of molten lava over the crater and creating new landscapes towards the east. Eruptions continue even now at Kīlauea Volcano’s summit and visitors have incredible views of fiery pools that symbolize Pele’s longing to be with her true love (who died at her own hand due to her passionate jealousy).

There is a magnetic pull to learn about the notorious legend of Pele. By choosing a winter cycling tour with LifeCycle Adventures, we will set you up with a full-scale privately guided day tour to the home of Goddess Pele – Kilauea Volcano and Volcano National Park – for front and center views of the majestic cistern of fire.

No doubt the desire to meet the captivating Pele is amplified by the icy talons of winter on the US mainland. The rapturous warmth of Hawaii beckons like Pele’s magnetism draws her lovers in to her seductive lair.

As we pass the winter solstice and winter officially begins, check out airfare to Kona to catch a break for a week or two from the cold, wet, darkness of winter. Winter cycling makes sense in Hawaii. Warm up with the sweetness, love, passion, and fire that only Hawaii provides in winter. Put your cycling dreams into action with this itinerary.

Aloha nui loa (with fondest regards)