Tuscany: “So far, amazing.”

Sep 29 - 2015

“So far…amazing.”

This email came from one inspired guest who wrote to us and sent pictures from Tuscany in the middle of his cycling tour because he is having such a delightful time in Italy.

Bringing LifeCycle Adventures to Italy was bound to happen after many memorable cycling trips to Italy, spending a significant part of our honeymoon in Tuscany, and even birthing our first child in Tuscany. Italy is a second home to me and I’m thrilled to share my favorite parts of it with guests of LifeCycle Adventures.

Florence, capital of Italy’s Tuscany region and birthplace of the Renaissance, overflowing with masterpieces of art and architecture, is the launch point of our cycling tours and guests often stay several additional days pre or post tour to explore the labyrinth-like streets, some closed to traffic. The legendary artistic culture and the works of generations of respected artists are evident in the museums, churches, cathedrals, and piazzas throughout the city.

Our cycling tours begin outside of the city in the smaller town of Siena though Siena sees its fair share of tourists, particularly during the renowned Palio – a popular horse race that runs through the streets of Siena twice a year.

The main ingredients in our cycling tours are the varied vineyards, olive groves, warm weather and a visible history that dates back to before the Roman Empire. One cannot escape the felt heritage of this region with centuries-old farmhouses, castles, and cathedrals peppering the landscapes through which we cycle.

My favorite parts of cycling and touring are finding the tiny, quiet, one-street villages nestled in the fold of the Tuscan hills, like San Sano or Lecchi. I understand the desire and curiosity to experience the humble, authentic towns of Tuscany, as well as to soak in the romantic, glamorous cities like Florence and San Gimignano so I have created cycling routes that give our guests genuine tastes of both.

If your appetite is now whetted for a taste of Tuscany, you may contact Caitlin for a customized itinerary or you can see a sample itinerary here: 10 Day Tuscan Cycling Tour

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