Hawaii Bike Tours – Photo Competition Winner

Feb 18 - 2014

Congratulations to Kendra Gowdy for Most Intriguing picture from 2013. I had to create a category for this one – it invites the viewer to ask “what is this about…where is this?”

Rearview statues

These statues can be found at Honaunau Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii where Kendra and her partner took a bike tour. The Ki’i (wooden statues) guard the temple of Hale o Keawe. Next to the beach is the Puuhonua O Honaunau Park, an important cultural and historical site, which once served as a refuge for prisoners of war and a place of judgment for people who disobeyed the law.  Guests can cycle to this site from Captain Cook or Kona.

Honaunau Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii has some of the best underwater sights on the island, if not the entire state. Rare fish and sea turtles can be seen playing amidst colorful coral reefs. The water is especially inviting to snorkelers and scuba divers, as it is clear and calm throughout the year.

I suspect that if my husband and I spent enough time in Hawaii, we would end up like these two – so mesmerized by the tranquility and splendor of the ocean and beach that we become vertically fossilized (and we would probably have our bikes parked in the sand next to us).  We would make poor guards for the temple and probably get fired.