Top Tips to Get the Most from Your Corporate Cycling Event

Jul 02 - 2013

With the rise in popularity of the corporate event  focused around cycling, we thought we would list our top five tips for running a successful bike-related event.

  1. CATER TO MULTIPLE LEVELS.  Attendance will be higher and the event more inclusive if you cater to both the cycling alphas (challenge riders) as well as those wanting less hills and a shorter ride (leisure riders).  Adding more stops or extra activities to the leisure ride will help balance the two activities.  You may also want to cater to non-riders – this is especially true if the event is “and partners.”


  1. PLAN AN EXPERIENCE EN ROUTE.  Events are all about networking, so having a stop en route will help people mingle.  Ideally, you bring together both the challenge riders and the leisure riders.  Wineries are great venues for this or host a picnic in a state park.


  1. ENSURE PLENTY OF SUPPORT.  People will be more likely to participate if they know they have the option of jumping in a van if they choose.  Also make sure there are plenty of rest stops with water, snacks and restrooms.  Have a roving SAG wagon to help any rider with mechanical difficulties; you don’t want the main event sponsor stuck at the side of the road with a flat!


  1. MARK ROUTES WELL.  This is a chance for busy executives to turn off their brains and just be in the moment.  So, avoid the need for them to follow detailed directions.  Ideally, put the directions on the road.  We use the three-two-one system at each turn: three arrows before the turn, two at the turn and one (conforming you got it right) after the turn.


  1. CELEBRATE AFTER THE RIDE.  Typically participants are stoked after completing their ride.  A post ride event gives them a chance to share stories as well as do more networking while feeling energized.  For us a BBQ is nicely in keeping with the outdoor theme of the event.  This can be as elaborate or a simple as you choose.