Cycling Corporate Events – Is cycling the new golf?

Jul 02 - 2013

Is cycling the new golf? This question has been asked recently by the Wall Street Journal, the UK’s Daily Telegraph and most recently by the Economist.

We don’t operate any golf courses but we can certainly affirm that we are now operating more and more bike-related corporate events. These can be anything from 100-person day trips with a BBQ through to multi-day tours for a select few executives. We’d like to name names but, in this sector, we’ve learned that discretion is the better part of keeping repeat clients happy.

A Cycling Event in the Napa Valley
A Recent Cycling Event in the Napa Valley

LifeCycle Adventures was also featured recently in the corporate events magazine Collaborate. You can read the full article at but the management summary is: bike trips are good for business. Not surprisingly we agree!

Given its proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, our Napa & Sonoma Corporate Events are the most popular.  However, we’re also seeing an up-tick in interest in our Oregon Cycling Events and Hawaii Cycling Events. For example, last year we hosted a large group of doctors in the Willamette Valley and Hawaii continues to be a popular choice for rewards travel.

Is cycling the new golf? The question maybe more hype than substance but for a lot of active executives, cycling is becoming the activity around which they choose to do business.

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