Oregon Bike Tours: Columbia River Gorge Day Trip

Aug 10 - 2012

The Columbia River Gorge has great riding for both beginners and experienced riders. Here are a couple of great Oregon bike tours; one for beginner/intermediate riders and one for more experienced riders.

But first … “from our sponsors”: We operate Oregon bike tours in the Columbia River Gorge and the Willamette Valley in Oregon. If you tour with us we take care of all the logistical details but if you want to do your own thing, that’s cool too.  Here are some ideas for daylong bike tour in the Columbia River Gorge.

And now … the ride:

Step 1 is to drive to hood River.

Step 2 is to decide which of the many excellent rides you want to do. Do you want to ride through orchards, up mountains or along a river?

Oregon Bike Map: Columbia River Gorge
Oregon Cycling Map – Columbia River Gorge

Route Directions:

The orchards south of town are a bucolic joy to ride through. Your route will take you down the eastern side of the valley, then around past the town of Odell, before finally heading back to Hood River. There are farms along the way sell every type of fruit product produced in the valley. They’re many along your route, and they make excellent snack stops or opportunities for lunch.

Should you choose the mountain route, you will head in a southwesterly direction towards Dee before the long, isolated-but-beautiful, forest service road climb to Lost Lake. After a bit of refreshment, you descend to Lolo Pass and again back to the Dee Highway to retrace your route back to town.

If you’re in the mood for some river mixed with your mountains, head east towards Mosier and The Dalles. You can choose a rolling out-and-back along the Historic Columbia River Highway, or head over the hills on State Rd to 1700 feet above sea level. The pleasant climb through orchards tops out with a stunning view of the Columbia Plateau. After a long, fast descent, The Dalles offers a good place to lunch, or, if you’re not hungry yet, head back to Mosier along Historic HWY 30 and eat there.