Preparing an Oregon Guided Cycling Trip

Jul 17 - 2012

Each season we run several Guided Cycling Tours in Oregon.  It’s always a pleasure to do these and they are a great opportunity for our guests to mingle, share some exciting rides and get to know each other.

We prefer our vans be relatively small and discrete.  However, guided group tours require larger vehicles, loads of bike racks and sometimes (like last week), even a trailer.  The work starts two days prior to the trip when we outfit the van.  The rack system is actually three separate 4-bike roof rack systems all on the roof line of a single van!  Check it out:

Our F350 racked up and ready for the trailer

Then, we attach the trailer:

The van with bikes, trailer and lead guide Sam ready to go!

After that, the trailer is loaded with a week’s worth of essentials:  table, coolers, energy bars, cycling equipment, fresh local fruits and spares.  Then, it’s off to pick up our guests and have a grand trip!

Picking up guests from the Marriott while Stacey peers into the window