Oregon Cyclocross Season

Nov 16 - 2011

November in the Pacific Northwest brings with it a lot of change – the end of the grape harvest, cooler temperatures, rain and…cyclocross!  After a season of running Oregon bicycle tours, the Portland contingent of the LifeCycle Adventures team requisition the company van and use it to get to and from the races. With up to three races per week, the schedule fills quickly.  Adnan does most of the racing, and Stacey occasionally lends a bit of support.  Tony has a ‘cross bike now, so we reckon it’s only a matter of time before he can no longer resist the pull of the mud!

Here are a few photos from this season:

AK at WashCo
Adnan climbs at Cross Crusade Race 4
AK at Barton Park
AK at Barton Park