Hawaii & Maine Bike Tours

Oct 03 - 2011

We asked you where we should go next and you told us. Maine came out clearly on top with 21% of all the votes cast. Hawaii was second with 14%. The statisticians among you may enjoy the graph below.

Hawaii was already on our radar and we have made good progress with trip preparations for the Big Island. It’s a tough job but, as the snow is falling across the rest of the country this winter, we’ll be heading out to this tropical paradise to put the final touches to trips that we’ll be launching in the fall of 2012.

Maine was more of a surprise. Though, with low-traffic roads, an intricate coastline, and historic towns, it looks like a real winner. We are at an earlier stage in planning for Maine. Maine is also a long way from the west coast so we are looking for locals to work with to get things started. If you know cyclists or local businesses that are familiar with the state and who might be interested in helping us get started there, please put us in touch. We’d be interested in anything from route design to guiding.

We very much appreciate your input. Being a small company we don’t have millions to spend on market research. Besides, we like being advised by our friends! We’re very excited to be launching these new areas and we will let you know as soon as the new trips are available to be booked.