California Bike Tours: Sunshine & Burritos in California

Sep 28 - 2011

The perk of being a cycle tour company is that we know the inside scoop on the best routes and the best eats in our own backyard. This week I hosted a ride for the LifeCycle Adventures California team.

We cycled along one of my favorite routes nestled between the towns of Petaluma and Sonoma Valley Bike Tour - CowsTomales in southern Sonoma County. This area is known as the Chileno Valley and is sprinkled with rolling hills and an eye-full of nature. I always look forward to hanging out with the cows, the sheep and the alpaca’s. This is dairy and angus land at its greatest! As you cycle from east to west, you enjoy a bit (sometimes a lot) of the coastal breeze, and are always rewarded with a warm blanket of sunshine and a kaleidoscope of colors.

If food is on your mind, it helps that Tomales has  a wonderful bakery and a deli to satisfy the cravings. If your appetite is more substantial, then do as the locals do and enjoy a hearty Burrito at the end of your ride.  Petaluma has a good selection places for Burrito meals. If you’re joining us anytime soon for a cycling vacation and plan to travel the coast, ask about Laura’s favorite ride and we can add this route as an option.

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