USA Bike Tours: Where Next?

Jul 19 - 2011

In 2010 we started operating Bike Tours Tours in Oregon (in addition to our California Cycling Vacations).  We like to say that we doubled our operations that year!  Indeed, we’ve been thrilled by the success of Oregon and exploring this exceptionally beautiful part of the world.

Put a Pin in a MapWe’re now looking for our next destination.  My first idea was to trust in fate let my 18-month old son, Adam, stick a pin in a map.  His first three attempts were in Antarctica, Gambia and our couch. At that point his mother came in and took away the pin and I decided to ask people who were a little more qualified – you!

We have a shortlist on our Facebook page and would love to get your vote. As we’re quite new to Facebook, it would also be wonderful if you could like our page while you’re there – apparently being “liked” is important!

In the words of John Van Buren, “Vote early, vote often and click the like button.”

Thanks you for your help and I look forward to seeing you in the new destination – assuming it’s not Antarctica, Gambia, or our punctured couch!

PS: Just in case my Photoshop skills are better that I thought, I didn’t really give little Adam a pin!

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