California Biking: SAG Support for the Diablo Century

Apr 25 - 2011
Event Support NutritionWhile our day job is running bike tours in California and Oregon, we were out last weekend running SAG support for the Diablo Century. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging event in the East Bay, this ride is a great event to add to your April riding calendar. Put on by the Contra Costa JCC of Walnut Creek, there were three options to choose from; Century, Metric, and 25-mile routes.
We were focused on the route from the small town of Sunol, CA through the Oakland Hills finishing in Walnut Creek. The weather was overcast and misty in the morning, but burned off by early afternoon. Rest stops three and four, which were in our route, were stocked with a variety of yummy treats, sandwiches, fruit and water. Rest Stop three was certainly a crowd pleaser. The young ladies prepping at this feed zone worked diligently as riders rolled in, turning M&Ms, peanut butter and Ritz Crackers into a delectable works of art.

Another nice feature of this event was that each SAG vehicle was accompanied by a certified radio operator. If there was a mechanical or medical emergency, the home base dispatch would call out and find the nearest SAG vehicle to assist. This was a valuable safety tool for the riders and SAG drivers alike. It allowed us to concentrate on the winding roads and not have to worry about talking on the phone. It also avoided those ‘occasional’ dropped calls – can you hear me now?!