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Our Bicycle Touring Team

We live in the areas in which we guide, we are passionate about cycling and we are partners in the company. In short, we are highly motivated and empowered to help you have a great vacation.

We’re also great friends who enjoy working together and meeting new guests – many of whom have also become enduring friends. You can find out a little more about us below.

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Tony Blakey

Tony Blakey
As a boy, Tony caught the cycling bug riding near his childhood home in Yorkshire, England. In 2000, Tony moved to San Francisco where he founded LifeCycle Adventures.

Tony has organized and led cycle tours in Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Morocco, Vietnam and, of course, England. In his previous career, Tony was a partner in the firm of Accenture, specializing in the area of Leadership and Human Performance.

Tony is married to Alexis and they live in Portland, Oregon with their sons Adam and Charlie. Tony can be contacted at: tony@lifecycleadventures.com .
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Laura Rondet

Laura Rondett
Laura was born in Mexico and schooled in Texas. She then lived in England and Hawaii before settling in Northern California with her racing-driver husband Nico. With a BBA in Marketing and a MA/MS in Strategic Management, Laura’s previous careers have included teacher, relationship manager and real estate manager.

A triathlete with a cause, Laura and Nico have raced and fundraised in multiple triathlons including six ironman distance events. Organizations they have supported includeCAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) that helps physically disabled people pursue active lifestyles. Laura is fully tri-lingual being fluent in Spanish, English and French, as well as being proficient in Portuguese. Laura can be contacted at: laura@lifecycleadventures.com .

Dan Moore

Dan Moore
Raised in Florida, Dan is an avid sportsman and cycling enthusiast who regularly competes in triathlons. A qualified leader with the Adventure Cycling Association, Dan was one of the original co-founders of LifeCycle Adventures.

Dan’s previous jobs have included securities dealer, management consultant and (like everyone else in Silicon Valley in the late 90s) founder of an internet start-up. Dan can be contacted at: dan@lifecycleadventures.com .
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Bruno & Gabi Giovanoli

Bruno & Gabi Giovanoli
Originally from Switzerland, Bruno & Gabi Giovanoli moved permanently to Hawaii in 2011 to continue a long love affair with the island. In their former lives Bruno & Gabi were consultants to finance and healthcare companies and ran training camps in Switzerland, Mallorca, and Canary Islands. They speak German, French, Italian.

Bruno & Gabi are keen triathletes having competed in several Ironman triathlons including the Hawaii World Championships. Bruno is also a commercial pilot
Bruno & Gabi manage the Hawaii operations for LifeCycle Adventures and of course, swim, ride and run in the area several times a week. Bruno & Gabi can be contacted at: bruno@lifecycleadventures.com and gabi@lifecycleadventures.com .
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Aaron Michalson

Aaron Michalson
A native Oregonian, Aaron was raised in Ashland and graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Aaron has guided extensively throughout the Western United States & Canada and now manages the Oregon operations for LifeCycle Adventures.

Aaron is a keen climber having recently returned from a climbing trip to SE Asia. While guiding trips, Aaron will often break out his ukulele to entertain guests. Aaron lives in Portland and commutes everywhere by bike – managing to live without a car. Aaron can be contacted at: aaron@lifecycleadventures.com .

Stacey Royce

Stacey Royce
Stacey discovered the joy of recreational cycling and bike commuting after moving to Portland and meeting her husband, Adnan, in 2004. One of her favorite adventures was their honeymoon bicycle tour in the Loire Valley in France. Other recent favorites include cycling along the rolling hills of Napa and Sonoma and lush Oregon vistas and valleys. She is looking forward to the next great cycling destination to tour!

Stacey is an avid dancer, yoga practitioner, and outdoor enthusiast. She now leads the sales team for LifeCycle Adventures and thoroughly enjoys designing dream vacations for all guests of LifeCycle Adventures. Stacey can be contacted at: stacey@lifecycleadventures.com .

Adnan Kadir

Adnan Kadir
Originally from Denmark but raised in the US, Adnan is a regular competitor in road and mountain bike races; and has earned several state championship titles. Adnan is also a keen bicycle advocate and sits on the board of the Bicycle Transport Alliance an organization working to promote cycling and improve cycling conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.

Adnan holds an MA in English Literature and worked for a decade in the technology sector as a technical writer before becoming a professional coach. Adnan lives with his wife Stacey in Portland, OR. Adnan can be contacted at: adnan@lifecycleadventures.com .

Alexis Blakey

Alexis Nelson Blakey
Born and raised in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Alexis has always had an affinity for adventure and the outdoors. She has lived in Italy, Spain, Belgium, and the UK. In 2009 and 2010 she traveled around the world with her husband, Tony. Along the way they had their first son – in Italy. Wherever Alexis travels her bike goes with her – along with sons Adam and Charlie.

Alexis was one of the founding partners of the company. Her previous jobs have included European logistics, marketing and business development. She received her MBA from Mills College. Alexis can be contacted at: alexis@lifecycleadventures.com .
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Thomas Bennett

Thomas Bennett
Thomas traveled extensively as a student and Peace Corps volunteer before settling in Eugene, Oregon where he completed a Master of Landscape Architecture degree and started a landscape design company specializing in ecological restoration. Thomas volunteers in the community as a master gardener and can often be found in the garden or riding the trails.

Thomas is now area manager in the San Juan Islands where he has been guiding bike tours for over 10 years. Thomas can be contacted at: thomas@lifecycleadventures.com .
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