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Cycling Your Way in California’s Napa Valley

There are many ways to visit California’s Napa Valley, and several ways to explore Napa on a bicycle. Self-guided cycling on your own personalized terms is, in my opinion, the very best way to explore one of the premier wine regions in the world. Read more

Oregon is One of the Best U.S. Places to Ride

California has its wine country, Hawaii has palm-fringed beaches but can any state challenge Oregon for all-round cycling friendliness? The terrain that Oregon includes has it all, from a lush and dramatic coastline with moss-covered forests, to glacier-covered peaks, a pristine high desert, the famed Columbia River Gorge, and the rolling wine country hills of the Willamette Valley. Read more

2013 Bike Tour Newsletters

On this page you will find an archive of all LifeCycle Adventures newsletters sent in 2013. Read more

San Francisco & Sonoma Sampler

California Wine Country SamplerIf you would like a little sampler of what you will discover on our California Wine Country bike tours, check out this video from “Jeni and Olly’s West Coast Wine Adventure.” Read more

New Cycling Jerseys & Bib-Shorts

Our new bike gear has arrived!

New Bike GearOur new cycling kit comes in men’s and a women’s designs.

If you want to get your hands on a jersey and/or the bib-shorts, just email us or call us on 415 366 3806 with your gender, size, quantity and address. We will then invoice you and ship the kit.

The shirts retail for $65 and the bib-shorts for $85. The kit is beautifully made, cool and comfortable.

Click here for a sizing chart and more design details.

San Juan Islands Bike Tours – Ready & Waiting

I have just returned from the San Juan Islands putting the final touches to our San Juan Islands bike tours and vacations. The guidebooks are written, the directions double checked and our cycling maps re-calibrated. So, we are ready for our first trip of the season that starts this week. Read more

Portland & Willamette Sampler

Portland and Willamette Valley SamplerIf you would like a little sampler of what you will discover on our Portland and Willamette Valley bike tours, check out this video from “Jeni and Olly’s West Coast Wine Adventure.” Read more

Yoga for Cycling Fitness

Probably everyone has heard of yoga now, as it’s been one of the most popular and long-lasting fitness and wellness trends in the past decade and a half.  Yoga means different things to different people but the common denominator between everyone is that it is relaxing and stress-reducing. Read more

Bike Tours for Seniors

Bike Tours for SeniorsIt was an unusually rainy morning (for California) as I pulled up to the Hotel Healdsburg to collect George’s luggage. George is a silver-haired octogenarian from Colorado and he and his son were on a 6-day bike tour for seniors in Napa & Sonoma.Both men were kitted out in bright Lycra and ready to ride. Given George’s age, I gently suggested that he might want to ride in the van and meet his son at their next hotel. His smile suggested I wasn’t the first impudent youth (I was 45 at the time) he had surprised with his determination. “Tony,” he said, “at 82, if I don’t ride this route today I probably never will.”

Read more

Hawaii Bike Tours – Photo Competition Winner

Congratulations to Kendra Gowdy for Most Intriguing picture from 2013. I had to create a category for this one – it invites the viewer to ask “what is this about…where is this?”

Read more