Would We Enjoy a Bike Tour Vacation?

Posted By: Tony Blakey | Mar. 22 2013

We commonly get asked the question do you think we would enjoy a bike tour vacation?  First let me sate a bias: we own a bike tour company.  That said, I’ll try and offer some objective advice.

DO consider taking a bike tour vacation if:

DON’T consider a bicycle tour vacation if:

The simple summary is: If you think you might enjoy a bicycle vacation, you probably will.  Just make sure you choose the right style.  Are you the DYI type or do you like to be pampered.  Do you want to travel in a group or are you more independent.  There are bike tours to fit almost all budgets and desires; from family bike tours to stages of the Tour de France.  In fact, the second most commonly asked question we’re asked is, “What style of vacation bike tour is right for us?”  But that’s a whole other blog post: see What style of bike tour vacation is right for me?.